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Secure your financial investment with a 50% profit within 7 days through this trusted and affirmed community of investors were your financial security is a key factor to us.

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An authentic, trusted community aimed at empowering individuals through a peer to peer donation with a newly advanced automated system.

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We have rigidly invested in optimum technologies to secure your investments while they yield into profit for you.

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FundGram is a custodian of your financial growth, hence we have invested in optimum technology and have developed security tools which control the system, maintaining a genuine and risk free community.

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Our sole aim is for all our members to boost their financial income. Your money grows with a 50% profit in ROI of help made to another member.

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With our developed technological tools, we have created a secured community that is user friendly. Every one of your donations are totally protected and secured with our properly scrutinized PH to GH rules to enable a successful forum. FundGram is a remarkably advanced scheme stationed for your growth.

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When you provide help to a fellow participant in the community, it becomes your investment and profit will be generated and calculated for you on the PH instantly which will be available for your withdrawal within the duration of 7 days.

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Your money grows with a 50% profit immediately you choose a package and activate your PH

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After your total PH and confirmation, click the GH button and submit your GH. You will be matched to GH automatically within 24 hours.


FundGram is a financial empowering scheme that has been designed to increase the level of financial stability to all members by rendering help to each and every one voluntarily. It's a system that has been created with developed technological tools and a genuine supporting community which you can join and financially grow with massive profit tier to each one of your investment.

It's an authentic system that can be easily accessed around the globe without challenges, we have invested our best efforts to reward your passion and interest for financial stability. Your growth is ours and together we can make a positive change!


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FundGram FAQ

Click on JOIN NOW button and input valid details of the information asked in the form such as; Your full name, Valid email, Valid phone number and Valid bank details. After registration, an activation link is sent to your email, login to your email and click on the activation link to confirm your registration and once you do that your account becomes activated.
After account activation and a successful login, you are required to choose your desired amount ranging from 10,000 minimum and maximum of 500,000 (local currency) in order to fund your account and activate your PH. You have to provide help within 48 hours of registration or else you will be automatically deleted from the FundGram system. You are also required to re-PH within 24 hours after your GH or your account will be banned from the system.
After your total PH and confirmation, click the GH button and submit your GH. You will be matched to GH automatically within 24 hours.
If sender uploads fake proof of payment without you receiving any fund or refuse to confirm your payment. All you need to do is create a support ticket/chat with online consultant and provide your bank account statement if you are the receiver or provide proof of payment if you are the sender. The support admin will now handle the issue. If the sender refuses to make payment within time allotted, such participant will be banned from the system and the receiver will be rematched with another participant to receive help immediately.
Yes, 30% of your available funds for withdrawal will be reserved as a recommitment code to ensure your commitment to the community and will be available on your next withdrawal. You are also required to re-PH within 24 hours after you have successfully received help or you will be banned from the system.